Modern Sloping home’s kitchen and living room design 2011

modern kitchen designs 2011

modern kitchen designs 2011

Deciding to build a house on slope land requires more extra thought in architecture and interior design, include the kitchen design. Let us note the modern kitchen design created in harmony with the modern sloping home architecture. From the top till the bottom, a sloping ceiling parallel to the slope of the roof, of course follow the land contour,it’s a brilliant idea to directed water flow to the slopes when it rains. Flat ceiling with some recessed kitchen lighting which does not need turned on during the daytime, because at that moment the room is very bright by sunlight entered through the lined up transom under the ceiling, however kitchen pendant lighting still required to gave the elegance impression. Wood kitchen counter complemented by the stools in harmony wit the floor, stainless kitchen appliances surfaces show the modern kitchen designs 2011 ideas in combination with glass and glossy cabinet materials.

modern kitchen designs 2011

modern kitchen designs 2011 - living room

Designed in an open concept with a dining area wedged in kitchen corner and a spacious living room with windows on two opposite sides of the room, giving maximum lights, feels more spacious, and of course provide incredible the slopes views which also can be enjoyed on the outdoor patio. Sitting atmosphere on leisure leather sofa will be very enjoyable and relaxing, plus the warmth that can be given by modern stainless fireplace and fur rugs on the oak flooring. By adding a little touch of the natural freshness of green by fresh plants in the house it would be very useful. inspiration

modern kitchen designs 2011 - living room 2

modern kitchen designs 2011 - Sloping home

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